The Chandigarh Plastic Surgery Clinic provides consistent, skilled and specialized follow-up (Acute Burns) and outpatient care to both burn and plastic surgery patients.

Dr. Rahul Goyal care for patients with small acute burns and other acute and chronic wounds, as well as post-hospitalization burns and plastic reconstructive injuries. This includes but is not limited to traumatic injuries to the face and jaw, skin disorders with skin loss, lacerations, pressure sores, ulcers, keloids, congenital defects, skin tumors, and nerve/tendon injuries and amputations. Patients are monitored for changes requiring education, information, emotional support, as well as daily wound care, dressing changes and outpatient physical therapy, including scar control.

He also treat patients with severe skin diseases, such as necrotizing fascitis.

His interdisciplinary care team includes , registered nurses, physical therapists, occupational therapists, clinical psychologists, social workers, therapeutic recreation specialists, and vocational rehabilitation counselors. Patients are seen during outpatient services by the same team and providers as they had during their inpatient hospitalizations.