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Laser Treatment for Skin Whitening in Chandigarh Sector 32

Flawless skin and perfect complexion is everyone’s dream! But some things like free radicals, hormonal changes and sun exposure can damage our skin, which leads to patchy pigmentation and dark spots, so that we look older than our age. At The Cosmocare and Haie Clinic, we offer a variety of Skin Lightening/Whitening treatments. Visit today for best skin whitening treatment in Chandigarh.


Skin lightening treatment reduces the excessive melanin content in skin. Excessive Melanin is responsible for your dark spots, uneven tone etc. Reduction in it gives a lighter complexion. We can treat melasma, sun damage, freckles and other types of marks with skin lightening procedure.

In this process topical agents work by reducing the production of tyrosinase enzyme, which is instrumental for the melanin production. Cosmocare and Hair Clinic offers best skin whitening treatments in Chandigarh.


Skin whitening Laser treatment is a complete science. In this process the concerned skin is exposed to a concentrated beam of light. Due to beam’s high energy, the excess melanin is broken down and dispersed by the natural immune system in the skin.

As a result, you can see healthier and brighter skin. The new skin is flawless. This treatment is also known as laser peel or lasabrasion. The laser treatment helps in effectively reducing skin pigmentation, dark spots, sun tanning, dull skin etc. Visit The Skin Artistry today for best skin laser treatment in Ahmedabad.

Laser Skin Whitening

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