G-spot Augmentation Surgery
The G-spot is positioned on the front wall of the vagina. When stimulated during sexual activity, it can produce the ‘G-spot’ or uterine orgasm – a different type of orgasm to that produced by stimulation of the clitoris.

In some women, the sensation of the G-spot orgasm can be unsatisfactory. In these instances, it can be augmented to make it more prominent and more easily brought into contact with the penis during intercourse. As a consequence, the uterine orgasm becomes more intense.

Dr. Rahul Goyal enhances the G-spot augmented by injecting substances such as collagen into the treatment area, however the result is only temporary and needs to be repeated within six months. This procedure is known as the ‘G-Shot’.

According To Dr.Rahul Goyal Permanent results can be achieved by using dermal fat grafts or the newer permanent fillers. These are implanted via the urethra and more effectively push the G-spot into the vagina. This is more expensive than the temporary fillers but is usually a one-off procedure that typically results in a permanent improvement.

After the procedure, sex should be avoided for about 10 days in the case of the G-shot, and six weeks in the case of dermal fat grafts. You will need to take between 48 hours and one week off work depending on the treatment option.

G-spot augmentation can be combined with other genital cosmetic procedures and is commonly combined with vaginoplasy.

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