Hair Transplant By Body Hairs

Hair Transplant By Body Hairs: Only a few of the people know that it is also possible to transplant hairs using body hairs. But most of the dermatologists and doctors don’t recommend hair transplants using body hairs.

Following are the major reasons behind this:
1. Hairs from the donor area can be so thin that the donor area can’t use as a donor area anymore.
2. For completion in the field of beard, mustache, and eyebrows hair transplant procedures.
3. To mend the scars on the scalp, this appears after the hair transplant procedure.

In this procedure hair transplant is done by extracting hair follicles from the other body parts like chest, beard, back, and legs. This is for the patients, having a weak donor area of the head like the backside of the head. In this case, more hairs on the body make you more eligible for hair transplants.

Techniques Used In Hair Transplant Using Body Hair:

In the standard procedure of hair transplant, the doctor extracts hair follicles from the backside of the head called donor area. This is because the backside of the head has the highest hair density. In this case, a hair transplant is possible only if the patient has a rich donor area. But if the patient has a poor donor area then hair transplant is not possible. In this case, a doctor can use body hairs for transplantation. In this procedure, the doctor extracts hair grafts form chest, back, and legs. During this procedure, the doctor uses a small amount of local anesthesia about0.75 ML to 1.00 ML and micro-needles. First, the doctor draws the hairline at the head of the patient. After that, the doctor extracts hair follicles from the selected donor area of the body. The chest is selected as the donor area. After that hair follicles are implanted at the bald area of the head.

Problems Related To Hair Transplant Using Body Hairs:

There is a little bit of difference between scalp hairs and body hairs. The patient should know all these before going for a hair transplant under this procedure. The most important factors affecting hair transplants using this procedure are hair texture, hair color, and hair thickness.

Following are the main factors must be considered before hair transplant using body hairs:
1. The structure of scalp hair and body hair is different.
2. The process of extracting body hair is a bit complex.
3. Compatibility between head hairs and body hairs.
4. The life span of hairs after transplantation.

The main disadvantage of transplanting body hairs to the head is that the body hairs have less quality then head hairs. It is because scalp hairs are more consistent then body hairs. So to get good results using this procedure, more hairs should be transplanted to the bald area of the scalp. The compatibility factor is very important for good results. The success rate of hair transplantation using body hairs is quite less as compared to the donor area of the scalp. The main cause is that the body hairs are less efficient as compared to the scalp hairs. If we take took 2000 grafts from body hairs then approx only 1000 grafts will survive. While if we take 2000 grafts from scalp then mostly all the 2000 grafts will survive. This is the main reason that doctors recommend the scalp area as the donor area.

Benefits of Hair Transplant Using Body Hairs:

The main benefit of using body hairs for hair transplantation is that we get a considerable amount of grafts to cover the bald area of the head. It is beneficial for the patient having a weak or depleted donor area.

Side effects:
The patient undergoing this process can face little scars on the body at the donor area. But it is not a big issue because these scars will get heal within a few weeks with the help of appropriate medicines.

Doctors don’t recommend using body hairs for a hair transplant because the success rate is a bit low as compared to the grafts form scalp. But for patients with poor donor areas, we can use body hairs. This will need more grafts for hair transplants. Only an experienced doctor or surgeon should perform this surgery. As it ensures the safety of the patient.

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