While most of you might believe that the treatments for male and female hair loss are the same, it’s not the truth. Hairs are different, so are the treatments.

Hence, by keeping this in mind we separately offer the treatments for hair loss to women at Cosmo Care & Hair Clinic.

What’s the difference between male and female hair transplant?

Scalp donor availability
Contrary to men, women have a higher scalp donor availability. Especially the women who don’t suffer from male patterned hair loss. So, they always have the option of hair restoration.

Body hair
Contrary to men, women have lesser hairs on body. Hence, you can’t graft hairs from other body parts in their case.
Expectations also differ in the case of men and women. Most men are happy just eliminating their balding look. Hence, their expectations might easily met in just one treatment.

Women, on the other hand, need things perfect which will need several treatments.

When should women choose hair transplant?

General Hairfall is very common in women as they have lengthy hairs. So, you really don’t need to worry about having a treatment procedure until:

  • Your hairline is too high
  • You’re witnessing the symptoms of male or female pattern baldness

Are all women the right candidate for hair transplant?
No, most women do not fall into the category of ideal candidates for hair transplant procedure as they don’t have an adequate amount of donor supply on body or the sides of the scalp.

So, you’ll have to fix a meeting with your hair transplant surgeon first and know if you fit into the category of an ideal candidate. Only then, you can proceed further.

Apart from this, there are conditions in which hair transplant for women becomes a necessity, such as:

  • Female version of hair loss
  • Elevated hairline
  • Transgender feminine hairline creation
  • Scarring alopecia
  • Hair loss after facelift procedure
  • Traction alopecia, hair loss due to traction or pulling of hairs during styling
  • Trichotillomania, a psychological condition in which a person has an urge to pull out hairs from the scalp

What are the hair loss treatment options for women?

Two types of treatments are available for female hair loss:

  • Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)
  • Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT)

It depends on your hair transplant physician which treatment he/she wants to choose which will be decided after careful medical examination. You might also be given some medications before starting the surgical procedure.

How much time does the female hair transplant procedure take?
Female hair restoration is a lengthy procedure. It will take almost 7-8 hours for one session. So, be prepared to spare the entire day when you have an appointment for hair transplant with your doctor, ladies.

How much time does it take for the results?
Believing that your hairs will immediately appear is a myth which is only possible in movies and fantasy stories. It might take months to see proper results. So, have patience.

Here are the women whose lives we have changed by the hair fall treatment at Cosmo Care & Hair Clinic:

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