PRP Therapy: PRP stands for Platelets Rich Plasma Therapy. It is a three-step medical treatment used to control hair loss. In this, the doctor draws blood from the patient with the help of injection and prepares a plasma solution from it. After preparing a solution the doctor injects it into the scalp of the patient.

It is a fact that PRP triggers the natural growth of hairs by regulating proper blood flow in the hair follicular. It enhances the thickness and density of hairs. It also decreases hair fall to a greater extent. Sometimes it is also used in conjugation with the other hair treatments and hair transplant surgeries. As it strengthens the implanted hairs.

PRP therapy is been used since the 1980,s. Many types of research by various medical institutions have stated that it is very useful in hair fall treatment. Moreover, it is also used to treat injuries in ligaments, tendons, and muscles.

Process of PRP Therapy for Hair Loss

PRP therapy consists of three steps. All the steps are necessary for results. One must take 3-6 PRP sessions to get the desired results. There must be a gap of one month in each PRP session.

Following are the steps involved in this therapy:

Step 1: The doctor draws 40ml-60ml blood from the arm of the patient with the help of an injection. After that, drawn blood has inserted in the centrifuge. A centrifuge is a machine that prepares platelets and plasma solutions to form the blood.
Step 2: In only 10 minutes centrifuge separates the blood into three layers platelet-poor plasma, platelet-rich plasma, and red blood cells.
Step 3: In the third phase, the doctor draws platelet-rich plasma into the injection and injects it into the scalp of the patient. But before injecting the solution local anesthesia given to the patient to avoid excessive pain.

Recent studies have stated that it is very useful in hair restoration. But one should go for it only after consulting an experienced dermatologist or hair specialist.

Side Effects of PRP Therapy

As we know that PRP therapy involves injecting plasma solution into the scalp of the patient. Although, it is safe and in most cases is successful. But every process carries some sort of minor risk. So PRP can also involve some short term effects:

  • Very Minor Injury to nerves or blood vesicles.
  • Mild Temporary Infection.
  • Scars on the scalp.
  • Calcification at some parts of the head.

So it is better to consult an experienced dermatologist or doctor before going for PRP sessions. This is because an experienced dermatologist will perform appropriate medical tests before performing it. By this, the chances of side effects decrease to a greater extent.

Eligibility for PRP Therapy for Hair Loss

Before undergoing PRP Therapy you must be sure that your medical reports must be clear. The doctor will restrict you for PRP if you have the following condition.

  • If you are on blood thinners.
  • A patient is a heavy smoker.
  • The patient is a drug addict or alcoholic.

You might also get rejected for PRP if your reports have diagnosed with the following problems.

  • Low Platelet Count
  • Thyroid Disease.
  • Platelet Dysfunction Syndrome.
  • Cancer.
  • Metabolic Disorder
  • Systematic Disorder.
  • Chronic Infection.
  • Skin Diseases.
  • Any Liver Diseases.
  • Hydrodynamic Instability.
  • Sepsis.

Cost of PRP Therapy

PRP Therapy consists of 3-6 sessions. There must be a gap of 4 weeks-6 weeks in each session. One PRP session ranges from 2500 INR – 3500 INR depending on the following factors

  • The quality of equipment.
  • Geographical Location of Clinic.
  • Nutritive components involved.
  • Medical Reports.

After PRP Treatment

1. The patient should avoid washing the head for 12-24 Hours.
2. It is necessary to avoid products like hair oil or hair gels for 48 hours.
3. After PRP your head will feel sore. But not to worry about it because it will be due to local anesthesia.
4. It may take at max 6 months to display appropriate results so be patient.
5. If you are experiencing any pain, irritation or redness. Then you must ask your doctor.
6. Must avoid Hair coloring during the time spam of PRP treatment.
7. It is the most trusted treatment for hair loss.

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