Beard Hair Transplant
“A man without beard is a lion without a mane.”
Most of you will agree with this thought, while some of you might not. But this is the truth.

Imagine the moment when your best friend with a beard is scoring dates after date but women despise you just because you look like a kid or people don’t take you seriously because you look like a child.

At this point you really think: Oh god! I wish I had a beard.

However, is just wishing about something is enough? No, you need to have beard hair transplant procedures so that you can get the same sexy and thick beard as your best friend. That’s what we do at Cosmo Care & Hair Clinic.

Why is beard so important (apart from looking good)?

  • Beard prevents skin cancer by preventing our skin from getting affected by UV rays
  • Reduces asthma and allergy symptoms
  • As there’s less sun exposure, your skin remains young and fresh
  • No need to worry about bacterial infections

Techniques for Beard hair transplant
There are many treatments for beard transplant. Hair restoration is one of them. In the process, hair follicles are taken from other part of body and then restored on face. The procedure has resulted in many people achieving a sexy beard.

Ever saw models supporting full eyebrows and beards at fashion gala events? These happen due to this treatment.

Beard hair restoration procedure

Initial consultation
First of all, patient visits the doctor and then discusses their beard goals. The goals might also depend on the density of the existing beard or face shape. The quality and quantity of the area from where you’re going to extract the hairs also play an important role.

In case you want a large beard, the donor area should have rich hairs.

One more thing that you need to know is that once transplanted, these hairs can’t be used for scalp in case male pattern hair loss develops.

Keeping all these things in mind, the surgeon decides the number of grafts to be transplanted and how to set the thickness of the beard.

Preparing for the surgery
Based on the discussion, your surgeon takes your facial measurements and marks the areas to be transplanted.

As the procedure requires careful examination, it might take a while before your doctor proceeds further.

Surgical procedure The surgery begins with the surgeon numbing the donor area with the help of anesthesia. Then a small incision is made and a strip is inserted there. After a while, the strip is removed and then placed under a microscope where grafts are separated from the follicular units.

The next step is to apply the local anesthesia on sideburns and cheek area and making it numb. Then the recipient sites are made on the marked areas and then grafts are inserted there. After these, mouth is anesthetized, incisions are made on it, and the grafts are rooted there.

Post procedure care

  • Keep your face dry for first 5 days
  • Apply antibiotic ointment on the affected area
  • Don’t do shaving for at least 10 days
  • The face will remain pink for at least two weeks. Don’t worry about it.

After 4-6 months, the results will start to show. Hair are some examples from Cosmo Care & Hair Clinic hospital:

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